Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why don't I like Romney?

Romney is talented and in the past has taken many moderate positions.  He is not promoting himself with those positions now and might not govern from moderate positions, but why am I against him?

You see... initially I was very interested in him.

I respect successful business leaders.  I like Mormons.  I have voted for Democrats and Republicans.

I don't care if a candidate is exciting and fun... I can tell the difference between choosing an entertainer and choosing a President.  I don't care if he is cool.

This year around, in all Republicans with the exception of John Huntsman... and actually possibly Ron Paul (though I disagree with him on everything he seems consistent and has integrity) most of the Republicans have serious integrity issues.

While many candidates had personal integrity issues...

Romney has political integrity issues.

In my previous posts on this blog you will see what some of those are.

Later, I will compile those posts into a coherent article on the matter.

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