Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Construction of the Republican Machine

How does it work?

1) Gerrymandering by both parties - the process of shaping election districts to assure one party gets all the votes it needs to take the Congressional Seat - is the root of what keeps people in power.

2) Fox News is the mouth-piece.  Not of bias, but of Persuasion.
When I took a course to learn how to be effective in creating a campaign to persuade kids to read... I learned all the methods Fox News uses.

I still have the two text books on it.  When I watch Fox I see and can point out every method and direct you to the source studies that generated the methods.

3) Demonization.  The goal is to create such a vile opinion of opponents that when one comes on TV a person can't even be in the room.  As someone who might support the person they are against - you would not ever have this feeling.  But, turn on a video of Obama in the room with someone who watches Fox News and they will leave the room.

4) Construction of reality.  Fox News aims to create their own version of reality that is stronger and more expressed than what actually occurs in given situations.  Many times it is just an outright fabrication.

5) Circling the wagons and group cohesiveness.  They communicate something so heavily, with such cohesiveness, that people think it is true and want to jump on the bandwagon.

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