Saturday, May 12, 2012

Republicans Sabotage Consumer Confidence

Watch Del. Armstrong describe attacks on the stimulus using a children's story.
What is Armstrong for?  He sees 15% unemployment in his state and the problem is growing.
Obama later remarked at how Republicans were at all the ribbon cuttings for stimulus projects.
They use these big projects to show what money they got for their state - so they can keep in office.

Every Republican who rejected the stimulus was then showing up for those ribbon cuttings as though they got the money for their state.  So they got the rewards of showing help to the state... while blocking the stimulus to the best of their ability... while attacking the daylights out of the President for it.

What are they trying to do?
Watch how Obama's approval ratings track with consumer confidence.
To attack Obama they go for anything that would create confidence.

Michelle Bachman was amongst the most vocal against the stimulus.  Well, she personally wrote 16 letters asking for stimulus money to fund projects in her state.  She voted against the stimulus.
I saw when the information about this came out.  Here is a video someone put together talking about it.  You can do a search for each item listed in the video.
Here is a video description:'
Here is one story:
Here is the video of her calling at an "Orgy of Spending."  In the end, Bachmann's district was one of the biggest receivers of stimulus dollars.

To see where stimulus spending went.  Go to

There are pages of stories from the day this news broke.  Google: Michele Bachmann Stimulus requests

She wanted and needed the stimulus money for her state, but She also had to make sure that Obama looked like a completely inept leader.  They could not allow him this big of a legislative success.

But - wait!  There is this one guy who wasn't in office and he wasn't running at the time.

What did he think?
Romney is very careful to not make people think Obama came up with something.  He is careful to say, "Obama listened to his advisers."

Reality: Tax cuts have been shown to create a short term sugar rush and then the economy adjusts to that level of money.  Infrastructure is an investment that lasts.  The economy is built on our infrastructure.  So it gives room for the economy to grow in the long haul.

Bottom line: Infrastructure targeted the million unemployed construction workers.  When we spent the money construction companies were so desperate to keep some people and keep their business that they bid really low and finished really fast.  When we bought roads with stimulus, we got nearly a three for one deal.

Republicans were playing a game regarding, "Well... studies show that infrastructure spending isn't as effective."  Sure... under some conditions.  What if you are trying to reduce unemployment for construction workers during a housing depression?  Would hiring construction workers go at the heart of the problem?
Or... are all theoretical situations the same?

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