Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sample Impact of Stimulus on My Business Today

Example Impact of the Stimulus on Me and My Business.

Now there are those who say, "Construction jobs don't last... infrastructure doesn't help jobs."
To them I say, the stimulus funded route 200 - the inter-county connector near my house.
The stimulus was also $297,000,000,000 in tax cuts, which stimulated demand, which I did feel.

Here is the story of how one road impacted my personal economic choices and business choices.
1) I bought my house near the head of the planned route because I knew it would help my business.
2) The road was built faster than I expected and home values where I live are skyrocketing.
3) I took the road Friday a week before this article for two events I accepted in Baltimore.  I had the same gig this Friday.  For my Saturday event this week I took this road to Silver Spring.
4) For events in Northern Virginia I was having problems relying on the beltway.  The stimulus funded two new lanes and now I can get to my events by relying on the amount of time Google says it will take.
5) The summer camp I started is over an hour away in Howard County.  I drive there daily for the four weeks I run my camp.  Because route 200 was completed and it cut 20 minutes off my trip I am now no longer exhausted by the drive.  I added the fourth week of the camp this year because of that.  I only had three weeks in previous years.  For my second week of camp I now start much earlier and end later so that parents can drop kids off before work and pick them up after.  I am testing it this year to see if with the new road it is easiest enough for me that I can have the energy to keep up with 30 kids for an eight hour day at my camp.  It is a lot of responsibility.  I decided that because I had nearly an hour less of driving time each day - that might be the freed up energy I could use to offer expanded hours.

Baltimore used to be a top market for me, but traffic was unbearable and it took too long to get there.  So, my business pulled out of the Baltimore market and focused on Northern Virginia.  With the completion of route 200 I have already expanded my summer camps and began promoting for and accepting bookings in Baltimore again.  What used to be 1/2 of my business market that I dropped is now back in play for me.  With the new road improvements, I am now fully promoting in Baltimore, DC, and Virginia.  This is just me.  This is the impact of one road on my business decisions.  I am hiring people and businesses for help faster than I can even afford right now because I know there is a new wave of opportunity that re-opened for my business.  New demand for my services.

Bottom line: The investment in route 200 and the expanded lanes on 495 were a direct investment in my business.  I guarantee I am not the only one who benefited.  I see other cars on that road every time I'm on it.  To people who argue that infrastructure spending doesn't help the economy.  Next time you drive somewhere... don't take the infrastructure.

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