Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How can I get this out?

My degree is in social-psychology.

When I watch Fox News, I am horrified each time because every screen is actually using about 4-6 methods of social-psychology grade influence and persuasion methods.

I literally have two textbooks from a  college course I took on the matter that are next to the keyboard as I write this.

I considered sources that could work against this... work to change this... or reveal it... and I considered... the Daily Show!

I found the producer who reviews the inconsistencies in the news by doing a search online.
He has 13 TIVOs worth of news that he flips through in the morning to write.

I was able to find him and send a short message to connect on Linked-in.

Here is what I sent.


The Daily Show offers solid critiques of the news... etc.  I searched and found that you are the producer who focuses on that.

Fox News uses social-psychology research to influence. Would you like textbooks that will teach you what they use?

- Benjamin Corey Illusionist

Hopefully, I can get the information through to him and what is revealed on the daily show will become more interesting.

I sent this to him about eight minutes ago.

If they ever start covering this in an episode - I will post the video here in the comments.

Here is a second message that I sent him over Facebook:
Ramin. I saw on Linked-in that we both studied Sociology. I found you there after a story that stated that you are the producer at the Daily Show who generates material to critique the news. 

I am writing you because you guys are the only one's confronting Fox News. I want to arm you with the knowledge of the persuasion methods they are using that were studied by sociologists... and social-psychologists like myself. 

Will you help me get this out? For a long time, I have wanted to break this story. I cannot find an avenue to do this. 

I will provide the names of two text books so you can study up a bit. Then, turn on Fox News and watch. You are sharp enough and will see the methods immediately once the text books teach you that they exist. They are easy to spot. 

I trained in them while learning the tools for effective public service announcements. Turns out it is what Fox News uses... and actually... cult leaders. That is where the "Drinking the kool-aid," reference that Republicans are using today comes from. (Google Jim Jones: Kool-Aid.) There are a limited number of these methods so people on all sides are using the same ones.

Would you be interested in having these tools?


Benjamin Corey Feinblum

Message through to the Daily Show fan page
Hey Guys, I am a social-psychologist and am looking to out the methods Fox News is using within it's broadcast to go beyond bias to persuasion, influence, and social-compliance gaining.  As you are the only ones challenging them... I would like to give you the actual methods they are using so that you can see them.  Then, you will have a better way to target Fox.  Would you be interested?

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