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Critique of Romney's Op-ed on Repealing "ObamaCare"

Source materials:
Here is Romney's article.

Here is my blog post featuring videos of Romney that I mention in my critique.
Romney is literally saying the exact opposite of what he was.

And here is my analysis as I posted it on Facebook.  I write these things fast.  So comment if there is a spelling, or grammar error.
I'm tired of this dude. In my blog post - I will put the link right here... is Romney praising Obama for the health care plan as it is being passed. Romney calling the individual mandate, "The Republican Free Market Approach." And another video on CNN of the man who worked with Romney and Obama because they both passed the same plan. (Reality Check:
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Romney calls the health care plan a "Budget busting entitlement." He says that he didn't have to raise taxes a dime to pass his. Do you know why? He lobbied the federal government for, and received funding from the federal government to pay for his health care plan.

Check out the videos in my post. It is not me. It is not some ideology. I am literally posting Mitt Romney!

Watch what he says on video. Watch another man who worked with both of them... angry and Mitt Romney for being so false. All videos are here in my post...

This is your reality check!

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Benjamin Corey Feinblum
Ps. As an independent I like a lot of Romney's accomplishments. Business, health care... etc. Probably a decent guy. But, completely lacks character to attack someone for what he praised so much. Etch-a-sketch critique = valid critique of Romney.

____  And now for critiques of specific clauses from Romney's Op-ed.
A few responses to direct elements of his Op-ed: "When I was governor of Massachusetts, we instituted a plan that got our citizens insured without raising taxes and without a government takeover. Other states will choose to go in different directions. It is the genius of federalism that it encourages experimentation, with each state pursuing what works best for them. ObamaCare's disregard for this core aspect of U.S. tradition is one of its most egregious failings." 

Romney is correct. He did not raise taxes. He lobbied the federal government for funds and the federal government paid for his insurance plan. 

Romney's statement is a mis-characterization of federalism. Each state is to experiment with the best ideas and act as the laboratories of Democracy. When "RomneyCare," led to 98% coverage in Massachusetts, with an individual mandate, and 3/4 people loving their plans - it was copied on the national level. 

In my blog post is a video with him arguing why the individual mandate and his health care plan should be taken national. 

Romney's characterization of Obama is a complete disregard for honesty. I'm telling you... I would probably like Romney if I met him. I think he's rather talented and brilliant... but come on!

"But abolishing ObamaCare will only be half the battle. Just as important is the question of what to put in its place. Instead of the massive new taxes, trillions of dollars in new spending, and top-down bureaucratic decrees of ObamaCare, we need to limit Washington's control by spurring competition, creating maximum flexibility and enhancing consumer choice."

The entire goal of Obama's plan is to spur competition and enhance consumer choice. The method. Obama's plan sets up health care marketplaces, where all the plans can be compared side-by-side within each state. The definition of complex terms will be right next to it. Those roll out shortly. 

For now, Obama created a step-by-step resource to help people understand insurance and how to keep your doctor.

At this link if you click insurance options - you can compare available plans. On the right column there is a place for you to enter your state so you can see what options you have. You can then choose from the least expensive one. This is a marketplace for you to choose the cheapest plan from with private - free market health insurance - and seeing all the prices next to each other triggers competition the same way comparison shopping for a TV online would, or on Why? Because was what they wanted to copy to make it easier for you to choose.

"I would begin by changing the tax code, which currently offers a subsidy for employers who purchase health insurance for their employees. This discriminates against individuals who want to buy insurance on their own. We should let individuals continue with the current arrangement if it suits their needs. But I would also offer a tax benefit for those who wish to purchase insurance outside their workplace."

Obama's law will offer a tax benefit to those who cannot afford insurance to help them when mandated. Why does this work? We already pay for the uninsured when they show up at the hospital. By the math it actually costs just slightly more than the cost when the government foots the bill for the uninsured - about 3% more - to cover everyone fully. 

Also, he is helping small businesses by allowing them to pool and buy insurance with collective bargaining like the big corporations do.

‎"Also, individuals are currently prohibited from purchasing health insurance across states lines, which reduces competition and makes many plans subject to expensive state benefit requirements."

The purchasing across state lines is what makes health care interstate commerce. According to the constitution the federal government is in charge of regulating interstate commerce.

There is a constitutional challenge to Obama's health care law right now. Did you know that Obama was a constitutional law lecturer at the University of Chicago? 

He might well have considered the constitutionality as he was doing it. He knows the constitution inside and out.

‎"Finally, we need to address out-of-control medical malpractice litigation, which is costly not only in direct terms, but also in its distortion of the way patient care is administered. We can start by capping non-economic damages, but the federal government should also encourage states to pursue additional reforms such as specialized health care courts or other alternatives for resolving conflicts." 

It has been shown that malpractice litigation has some impacts. It causes doctors to practice defensive medicine... it also raises malpractice insurance costs for doctors. The overall impact on the total cost of health care for this is negligible compared to the other issues. 

What is wrong with this promise of Romney? Feasibility.

Why? Congress is filled with the kind of lawyers who have made their living off this kind of lawsuits and other kinds as well. 

If Congress went for reforming this part it would be against all the members of Congress interest and that of all their friends from law school, from working in law, and their history within the field. 

This has the lowest probability of even being taken up on the floor of congress. 

What does have the capacity to be passed is if the most severe cases are taken out of the general malpractice insurance funds and then paid for out of a separate government set up fund. To cover the catastrophic cases. This would dramatically lower the cost of general malpractice insurance. 

What does he mean by capping non-economic damages? 
Well, real things happen. 

Real mistakes happen.

I read a story where a surgeon grabbed the wrong clip board and removed a woman's breast. She was there for surgery, but not that one! How does one... cap that? Does a man decide... that is part of some regulatory board somewhere? Who decides what the cap is? Isn't that another government intrusion into healthcare? The very thing Romney says he is against?

Romney says,"no massive diversions of funds away from Medicare." 

Did you know that Obama enforced "Pay-Go," rules for his health care plan? That everything included required another cut somewhere else? 

If you look at the spending on "Medicare Advantage," just google it. You will see that Obama cut it tremendously. This was a separate program from medicare that was functioning poorly. As Medicare itself was vastly more effective - he got rid of Advantage.

A big part of paying for the health care law was a massive cut of the current federal health care system that wasn't working well - and moving people into the part that was working more efficiently.

And what about Medicare...? Digital health records are being rolled out across the country to reduce administrative costs. They also reduce test repeats because a specialist can pull up the test a hospital did and see the results. No - expensive documents need to fly around. And as it is costly and takes time - currently - many doctors will repeat the costly test (and make money off repeating unnecessary tests). 

Furthermore, there is a shift underway to paying doctors - not based on the number of tests and procedures, but for the outcome. 
When a disease was diagnosed at a certain stage... if a doctor treats it well - he is paid for results... not for clicking test-after-test. When a hospital is at risk of going out of business... how many tests you think they click to beef up their numbers quickly?

Finally - Romney never mentions the dramatic and immediate cost of repealing Obamacare.  Or, the incredible cost we would have felt by doing nothing because insurance costs were skyrocketing.
In the third quarter of last year - US GDP was lower by half a point because we were paying less for health care... all while covering 2.5 million more young adults who are now allowed to stay on their parent's plan until age 26.

Repeal that?

So... kick all those people off health care now?  What does Romney mean?

Benjamin Corey Feinblum

Gas prices, oil prices, how do we understand them?

This is an article that frames the discussion quite well.

This is the White House's view on the issue:
Note:  There are links for videos of Obama's speeches on the topic.
You can watch those to see if you disagree, or actually find merit to his thoughts and approaches to the issue.

My statement:
Business news report on oil and gas prices. Key concept: Supply disruptions and potential supply disruptions change the market price. Iran being largest concern today. Concept 2: Oil is priced on the global market. In 36 years of drilling variation in the US - none has impacted the price of oil heavily. Concept 3: Best way to pay less is more efficient vehicles. New fuel economy standards are having an impact and will increasingly over time.

My belief: The faster we can get 18 wheeler trucks onto natural gas, the faster oil imports will plummet, and we will use cleaner fuel from home. Context: Glut of natural gas has made cheap prices. Stimulus spending seeded some rapidly growing producers of natural gas 18 wheelers. 18 wheelers make a small number of vehicles on the road, but a huge quantity of gas consumption. 18 wheelers fuel up at a much smaller number of stations. Deploying a natural gas fueling infrastructure would be much easier than it would for commercial vehicles. This infrastructure could be available for consumers in the future to fuel natural gas powered cars along highways... etc. and can provide the backbone for consumer adoption of natural gas powered cars. 

Future research:
I will be looking into the specific elements that increase volatility and have driven up prices over time.  
One side, I will be looking at the total dollars within the commodities markets from trading that does not involve the usage of oil, but involves making money off oil that is bought and stored for profit.  Stock market ETF's...etc. 

I will be looking for data that sets the trend and pointing it out. 

Solutions come when the full picture is understood.  

I do favor an all of the above approach to energy development.  

I am watching things that the military is testing.  

The military is able to fly jets and drive tanks off fuel that comes from algae.
And they are developing this further.

Why does this work?
Oil is "fossil fuel."  Plants that have been fossilized under the ground that we are now burning for energy.

Algae is a plant form that can be produced extremely fast and as a plant form - is the same type of material source as oil.  

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The Moderate Revolution

Extremists are passionate enough to become loud enough to have their ideas take the national stage. And their constant voiceing of those beliefs pushes the electorate in their gerrymandered voting districts to become more extreme. What if right here... We gather like minded individuals to persue causes with joint effort to fix things. The goal being to slowly escalate pressure and more people towards effecting this change. A movement... To gather strength for this cause. Core tenent of the movement... To create the conditions for cooperation... Bring awareness to the forces that stop cooperation. And go for the roots of the problem. Part one, gerrymandered election districts.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Romney Endorses Obama - My Analysis of Why Obama Deserves Endorsement

The Story in Brief.
What do I see?  Romney endorsed Obama, or was the largest promoter of the ideas Obama made law before Romney was running against Obama.  I see massive evidence for a racial component to anti-Obama sentiment.  I have video evidence of what appears to be almost modern lynching of Obama.  I use that word because they are attacking him that way where he stands.  I see a President who has positioned the economy for massive expansion given one global energy crisis.  And I have been watching massive quantities of data that shows we are doing much better, while analyzing his choices and seeing reasons I like him.

Note: I am a sociologist.  I have extensive training and background in this sort of analysis and the synthesis of ideas.  If this writing appears long, then you haven't seen my Sociology papers from college. Many were required to be more than 50 pages long - complete with citations.

Part 1: Mitt Romney's Full Blown Endorsement of Obama
Mitt Romney, by all video accounts, was a major supporter of all Obama's largest policies.  Some of them, for years before Obama became president.  Romney was almost a full blown endorser of Obama and is now running against those same policies - even though they were all successful.

Full blog post I wrote on this topic.

Part 2:  Anti-Obama Racist Elements and a comparison of Confederate State Maps and Polling Maps.
When I saw a horrible set of Re-Nig products, I began to question how much race played a factor in this.  Then, I realized the Republican States polling most heavily against Obama were the main states of the Confederacy.  The places that seceded from America because they believed in the institution of slavery.  I looked forwards a few years and saw that the civil rights movement included some of the most major occurrences around 40 years ago.  Many in that generation will still be alive and they now see a black president.

Full blog post I wrote on this topic.

Part 3: Republican's Stated Mission to Insure Obama Was a One Term President.  Is the way they go about it, the next stage of Modern Lynching?  
Mitch McConnell, Republican Party leader of the Senate states that the number one goal of the Republican Party is to see that Obama is a one term President.  Watch the video on that.  Also, in this post I put a lot of effort into the issues.  I will make a full post that covers the policies further than have been attacked.

Full blog post I wrote on this topic.

Part 4: Energy Positioning.  How Obama has positioned the US so that one global energy crisis triggers a massive expansion of the US economy. 
Obama's premise is that by investing in businesses and research on all sides of energy development we move forwards towards energy independence.  The stimulus spending laid the foundation for a new energy economy that he saw as our future path to major growth.  He also saw it as an avenue to smooth out and nullify the impacts of events in the middle east and in general.  Now, if there is a global energy crisis, American businesses will have all the solutions.  Large amounts of businesses and technology to help nations adjust.  So, rather than a global energy crisis in the future causing a collapse of America, it causes a dramatic economic expansion - while other countries struggle.     

Part 5: Step-by-step analysis of Major Policies and data that shows great results.
Did you consider that the oil spill occurred in the context of a post-Bush era.  And that Bush has appointed an oil industry lobbiest to run the government agency that was in charge of regulating those oil fields?  When the oil spill occurred Obama was eviscerated for how long it took to solve the problem.  What about how the roots got there through horrible choices?  And that it was an extremely difficult problem to solve.
Well, on all these issues there have been multiple sides.  I will attempt to get into each with some depth.

Electoral Map today matches Civil War Map

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After looking at a site where someone is selling T-shirts, stickers... etc with the slogan, "Don't Re-Nig."

I considered... how much does race really play a role in this.
So, I began to look for compelling evidence.

This site tallies available polling data into what states would go for Obama today.
This counts electoral college delegates that he and opponents would receive.

Now, I will share with you a couple of maps of, "The Confederate States of America."
See if you can find some similarity.

This one may be the most accurate.

Click to enlarge this map and it looks good.

If you look.  The areas that today poll completely against Obama are all states where slavery was ended during the civil war.

Let's put it in context of the overall civil rights movement.

Here is the overall wikipedia story of the civil rights movement.

Basically, 1970's major things are still happening.

So - just over 40 years ago - the heat of the civil rights movement is occurring.

So, I believe areas where slavery was the main institution of the economy, where the civil rights movement was intense in a generation that may have many still alive - who may have taught a few things to the current generation - well - I believe they don't like having a black man as President.

The birth certificate thing was code for, "He is not one of us."

As I performed a show in a small rural town, I looked in the window of a gun shop.  A hand drawn birth certificate was in the window.  I did take a picture - I pay put it here later if I remember.

That entire thing was about selling guns.  And judging by the zones where people are most anti-Obama - and how they line up with Confederate States... you can see why I might draw certain conclusions.

In a previous blog post, I covered all the elements of how Republicans were aiming to undermine Obama at great cost to the American economy and our people.

They blocked as many jobs bills as they could.  They are now allowing trade deals that will have massive benefit to pass - because they are timing it so the benefit happens after the election.
Look at this article on the Korean Free Trade deal:

This I mentioned before and now it is in motion.  But, these things take time for the impacts to hit our economy.  The other blocked trade deals were the South American trade agreements and some others.  I will repost my blog post.

Also - Republicans blocked this  That the people in charge of estimating impacts stated would have created about 3.7 million jobs.  Republicans blocked this because that jobs story would have been the story in an election year.

In other words.  Republicans have been hoping and working for the failure of Obama, which is the failure of America.

Here is my full blog post on this issue, but I have been working hard to shorten the length of time it takes for me to communicate this message.  So, the link after this one - is a shorter sampling of some eye opening things.

This is my shortened post.  Not only is Romney praising all the main things that Obama has carried out in a few key videos.  But, I have videos of him proposing the exact same things.  So, you get to see him say it.
You don't need to take anyone else's word that Obama had some great ideas, they are hugely successful in other places, and Romney was one of the biggest praisers of the main actions of Barrack Obama.

So - Republicans think Romney is the best guy so far to lead their party and the nation.  And all that video above includes Romney praising Obama's main actions... like a testimonial - full on endorsement.

So, they think Romney is the best... and until Romney was running against Obama he thought Obama was pretty good.

I am trying to shape this into a message that people can understand quickly.
This is all my background research on the issue.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Romney Praising Obama

Summary:  Videos posted here.
Types:  1) Romney praising Obama
            2) Romney praising plans prior to Obama picking them up
            3) Romney's team member talking about creating the plan with Romney and then taking it national with Obama.  The team was the SAME.

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Here are a few videos of Romney praising Obama - for what Romney now attacks Obama on.
Fortunately - this is video of Romney.  Nobody is filtering it.  He is talking.

Romney praising Obama on health care.

Romney praising Obama on stimulus

Well those are two pieces of legislation that were very big changes - with a lot of spending to make them happen.  And Romney seemed to support them.

In fact - these were the BIGGEST spending items Obama had anything to do with.

Now watch this Fox News video where Romney says he never supported the Stimulus.

Do you see why I don't like this guy?

Here is Romney on his own giving his motivation for passing an individual mandate when he was governor, why it is important - and it is what Obama passed.  He also states that he believes it should be taken nationally.

Now - Romney was really very effective with his health care plan.  98% of people are covered and 3/4 of the people in Massachusetts love their plan.

States are supposed to be the laboratory of Democracy.

So - if we see something working really well - we should copy the parts that will work nationally.

Problem is... character.

He has been out attacking Obama ever since he found he would be running against him - for the very thing Romney created - passed - and was successful with.

Watch video of Romney explaining health care at the debates and compare it to what Obama believes.

Here is a video with an interview of a unique person.

He is the man who helped Romney write his plan... and then helped Obama take it national.

Why are the plans so close?

Same team.  Same guy.  Same everything.

Watch Romney running against it.

That is why Romney is a non-starter in my book.

Not because of any beliefs.

Or, abilities.

He probably would do Ok.


And why would we want Romney when Obama took the best parts of... what Romney would do?

Now take this video.  Obama was able to get the main people who passed Romney's and Obama's law to talk about their feelings on the matter.  This video is stunning.

While in America - Republicans have spent their existence attacking Obama since the start of his primary win all the way until now when Republicans attack every single move of the President.

What happens is, the time and resources of the leader of the free world are spent, over the span of four years, to some degree defending himself, or with attention on how to keep approval ratings from collapsing while Piranhas are eating away at him from every angle.

No respect by the opponents for the Office of the President, which is of even greater importance than the person in the role.

Here is what the President of either party.  The one in office.  Would have to contend with in just one place.
This is what is happening to people in Syria.  The President will be at the helm of decisions on serious issues... while attacked for everything at home.

It is easy for people to attack while running for office.  They are not in the job.
Obama, in the job is dealing with the realities of being President.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Romney's Honesty

This appears to be created by a conservative... perhaps trying to vet Romney's conservative credentials.

Romney supports an issue... then when politically expedient he runs away from it.

Here is what seems to be a conservative who is against Romney.

But, the video footage used to show Romney supported the stimulus was not as strong as one I found.

Watch the Fox News portion - then look at the second video I post.

Here is Romney praising EVERYTHING
about the stimulus and how the President carried it out.

Basically, Romney seems to spend a lot of his time lying and running from his previous

That is why I can't stand him.

He even runs from his health care program that was highly successful.

And then goes after Obama's plan... which was a nationalized version of Romney's success.

Essentially, today, anything done successfully by Obama is sheer toxin.
It must be run from as quickly as possible.

No matter how effective it might be, or how important it might be...
Obama has been attacked ruthlessly like a punching bag.

By empirical data - Romney was supposed to have liked the stimulus.
By the data - not by the politics - but, by the data...

The stimulus worked.

And talking economics is not a political conversation.  It is an economics conversation that has been politicized so that someone could gain power by confusing an already complicated set of issues.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Employers can't find workers...

When I hear things like... "Obama hasn't created jobs fast enough."

Rather than... jump on the bandwagon.  I stop and pause.

And I try to think deeper.

And I find that he really is going at the problems the right way.

Consider this article here.

This is what I have known to be true.  I've been reading about this for quite a bit of time.
I've been hearing CEO's talk about it.  Also, I've been trying to hire!

The greatest problem facing the wind power industry for example is lack of people skilled to do the job.

Well, here is Obama pulling more money into the budget for education.


And then focusing on vocational training:

So if all the evidence shows me that a major portion of the jobs problem is that people are not trained for the jobs that are available... and the President is doing everything he can to see that people are trained for the jobs that are available... well, I like what he is doing for the economy.

So - Reality check... apparently, the President has seen the data!

One step further... if all of this education... is one year - or two years... or four... to complete.

And the programs that the funding expands takes a year or two to put in place...

Would this problem be solved overnight?

Or, are we looking at making intelligent moves today that pay off in 1 - 6 years and go at the root of the problem?

And how do we choose a President?

Do we choose a President based on everything being perfect today?

Or, do we look at the nature of the problems, the solutions being applied, the time horizon for solutions to take effect and say... Will this do the job?

In my diagnosis of the employment problem... this is a core element.

And Obama is nailing it on the head.

So - no - I am still not a Democrat.

I just keep finding evidence that Obama is doing a far greater job than he is given credit for.

And despite a 24 x 7 campaign to cast doubt on everything he does... when it boils down to reality... the truth...

This here is one of Obama's actions I have to say is spot on.

Benjamin Corey Feinblum
ps.  Do a search and see how many Republicans think the solution to America's problems are to shut down the department of education.  Then... look back at the data and the source of our problems.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Has Tech Taken Over Already?

Well, think about it.

I don't mean Terminator 2 style...

I mean... Is tech causing some negative impacts on our lives?

Consider sleep.

It effects memory, regeneration of our body, our capacity to think... minor things.

View a few of these articles...

Is technology influencing our capacity to be fully alert, intelligent human beings?

The National Sleep Foundation seems to be mentioned a bit here.
So here is who they are... they seem to provide a great resource.

Same articles, but focused on the Ipad

Obesity much of a problem in the US?  Well, speak a peak at what National Sleep Foundation says...
"... a person's appetite sensation is more activated in response to food images after one night of sleep loss than after one night of normal sleep.  Poor sleep habits may therefore affect people's risk of becoming overweight in the long run."

So, my thoughts...

Are these things influencing us a lot... I mean... more than a little... huge amounts?

Affecting the capacity of millions of people... around the world... to function at their highest level?

What do you think.  Comment below.

Have you improved your life by adjusting these things out of the going to sleep routine?

And creating the space for sleep?

Benjamin Corey Feinblum