Saturday, March 3, 2012

Has Tech Taken Over Already?

Well, think about it.

I don't mean Terminator 2 style...

I mean... Is tech causing some negative impacts on our lives?

Consider sleep.

It effects memory, regeneration of our body, our capacity to think... minor things.

View a few of these articles...

Is technology influencing our capacity to be fully alert, intelligent human beings?

The National Sleep Foundation seems to be mentioned a bit here.
So here is who they are... they seem to provide a great resource.

Same articles, but focused on the Ipad

Obesity much of a problem in the US?  Well, speak a peak at what National Sleep Foundation says...
"... a person's appetite sensation is more activated in response to food images after one night of sleep loss than after one night of normal sleep.  Poor sleep habits may therefore affect people's risk of becoming overweight in the long run."

So, my thoughts...

Are these things influencing us a lot... I mean... more than a little... huge amounts?

Affecting the capacity of millions of people... around the world... to function at their highest level?

What do you think.  Comment below.

Have you improved your life by adjusting these things out of the going to sleep routine?

And creating the space for sleep?

Benjamin Corey Feinblum

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