Sunday, March 4, 2012

Employers can't find workers...

When I hear things like... "Obama hasn't created jobs fast enough."

Rather than... jump on the bandwagon.  I stop and pause.

And I try to think deeper.

And I find that he really is going at the problems the right way.

Consider this article here.

This is what I have known to be true.  I've been reading about this for quite a bit of time.
I've been hearing CEO's talk about it.  Also, I've been trying to hire!

The greatest problem facing the wind power industry for example is lack of people skilled to do the job.

Well, here is Obama pulling more money into the budget for education.


And then focusing on vocational training:

So if all the evidence shows me that a major portion of the jobs problem is that people are not trained for the jobs that are available... and the President is doing everything he can to see that people are trained for the jobs that are available... well, I like what he is doing for the economy.

So - Reality check... apparently, the President has seen the data!

One step further... if all of this education... is one year - or two years... or four... to complete.

And the programs that the funding expands takes a year or two to put in place...

Would this problem be solved overnight?

Or, are we looking at making intelligent moves today that pay off in 1 - 6 years and go at the root of the problem?

And how do we choose a President?

Do we choose a President based on everything being perfect today?

Or, do we look at the nature of the problems, the solutions being applied, the time horizon for solutions to take effect and say... Will this do the job?

In my diagnosis of the employment problem... this is a core element.

And Obama is nailing it on the head.

So - no - I am still not a Democrat.

I just keep finding evidence that Obama is doing a far greater job than he is given credit for.

And despite a 24 x 7 campaign to cast doubt on everything he does... when it boils down to reality... the truth...

This here is one of Obama's actions I have to say is spot on.

Benjamin Corey Feinblum
ps.  Do a search and see how many Republicans think the solution to America's problems are to shut down the department of education.  Then... look back at the data and the source of our problems.

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