Thursday, March 15, 2012

Romney Endorses Obama - My Analysis of Why Obama Deserves Endorsement

The Story in Brief.
What do I see?  Romney endorsed Obama, or was the largest promoter of the ideas Obama made law before Romney was running against Obama.  I see massive evidence for a racial component to anti-Obama sentiment.  I have video evidence of what appears to be almost modern lynching of Obama.  I use that word because they are attacking him that way where he stands.  I see a President who has positioned the economy for massive expansion given one global energy crisis.  And I have been watching massive quantities of data that shows we are doing much better, while analyzing his choices and seeing reasons I like him.

Note: I am a sociologist.  I have extensive training and background in this sort of analysis and the synthesis of ideas.  If this writing appears long, then you haven't seen my Sociology papers from college. Many were required to be more than 50 pages long - complete with citations.

Part 1: Mitt Romney's Full Blown Endorsement of Obama
Mitt Romney, by all video accounts, was a major supporter of all Obama's largest policies.  Some of them, for years before Obama became president.  Romney was almost a full blown endorser of Obama and is now running against those same policies - even though they were all successful.

Full blog post I wrote on this topic.

Part 2:  Anti-Obama Racist Elements and a comparison of Confederate State Maps and Polling Maps.
When I saw a horrible set of Re-Nig products, I began to question how much race played a factor in this.  Then, I realized the Republican States polling most heavily against Obama were the main states of the Confederacy.  The places that seceded from America because they believed in the institution of slavery.  I looked forwards a few years and saw that the civil rights movement included some of the most major occurrences around 40 years ago.  Many in that generation will still be alive and they now see a black president.

Full blog post I wrote on this topic.

Part 3: Republican's Stated Mission to Insure Obama Was a One Term President.  Is the way they go about it, the next stage of Modern Lynching?  
Mitch McConnell, Republican Party leader of the Senate states that the number one goal of the Republican Party is to see that Obama is a one term President.  Watch the video on that.  Also, in this post I put a lot of effort into the issues.  I will make a full post that covers the policies further than have been attacked.

Full blog post I wrote on this topic.

Part 4: Energy Positioning.  How Obama has positioned the US so that one global energy crisis triggers a massive expansion of the US economy. 
Obama's premise is that by investing in businesses and research on all sides of energy development we move forwards towards energy independence.  The stimulus spending laid the foundation for a new energy economy that he saw as our future path to major growth.  He also saw it as an avenue to smooth out and nullify the impacts of events in the middle east and in general.  Now, if there is a global energy crisis, American businesses will have all the solutions.  Large amounts of businesses and technology to help nations adjust.  So, rather than a global energy crisis in the future causing a collapse of America, it causes a dramatic economic expansion - while other countries struggle.     

Part 5: Step-by-step analysis of Major Policies and data that shows great results.
Did you consider that the oil spill occurred in the context of a post-Bush era.  And that Bush has appointed an oil industry lobbiest to run the government agency that was in charge of regulating those oil fields?  When the oil spill occurred Obama was eviscerated for how long it took to solve the problem.  What about how the roots got there through horrible choices?  And that it was an extremely difficult problem to solve.
Well, on all these issues there have been multiple sides.  I will attempt to get into each with some depth.

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