Monday, March 12, 2012

Romney's Honesty

This appears to be created by a conservative... perhaps trying to vet Romney's conservative credentials.

Romney supports an issue... then when politically expedient he runs away from it.

Here is what seems to be a conservative who is against Romney.

But, the video footage used to show Romney supported the stimulus was not as strong as one I found.

Watch the Fox News portion - then look at the second video I post.

Here is Romney praising EVERYTHING
about the stimulus and how the President carried it out.

Basically, Romney seems to spend a lot of his time lying and running from his previous

That is why I can't stand him.

He even runs from his health care program that was highly successful.

And then goes after Obama's plan... which was a nationalized version of Romney's success.

Essentially, today, anything done successfully by Obama is sheer toxin.
It must be run from as quickly as possible.

No matter how effective it might be, or how important it might be...
Obama has been attacked ruthlessly like a punching bag.

By empirical data - Romney was supposed to have liked the stimulus.
By the data - not by the politics - but, by the data...

The stimulus worked.

And talking economics is not a political conversation.  It is an economics conversation that has been politicized so that someone could gain power by confusing an already complicated set of issues.

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