Thursday, March 15, 2012

Electoral Map today matches Civil War Map

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After looking at a site where someone is selling T-shirts, stickers... etc with the slogan, "Don't Re-Nig."

I considered... how much does race really play a role in this.
So, I began to look for compelling evidence.

This site tallies available polling data into what states would go for Obama today.
This counts electoral college delegates that he and opponents would receive.

Now, I will share with you a couple of maps of, "The Confederate States of America."
See if you can find some similarity.

This one may be the most accurate.

Click to enlarge this map and it looks good.

If you look.  The areas that today poll completely against Obama are all states where slavery was ended during the civil war.

Let's put it in context of the overall civil rights movement.

Here is the overall wikipedia story of the civil rights movement.

Basically, 1970's major things are still happening.

So - just over 40 years ago - the heat of the civil rights movement is occurring.

So, I believe areas where slavery was the main institution of the economy, where the civil rights movement was intense in a generation that may have many still alive - who may have taught a few things to the current generation - well - I believe they don't like having a black man as President.

The birth certificate thing was code for, "He is not one of us."

As I performed a show in a small rural town, I looked in the window of a gun shop.  A hand drawn birth certificate was in the window.  I did take a picture - I pay put it here later if I remember.

That entire thing was about selling guns.  And judging by the zones where people are most anti-Obama - and how they line up with Confederate States... you can see why I might draw certain conclusions.

In a previous blog post, I covered all the elements of how Republicans were aiming to undermine Obama at great cost to the American economy and our people.

They blocked as many jobs bills as they could.  They are now allowing trade deals that will have massive benefit to pass - because they are timing it so the benefit happens after the election.
Look at this article on the Korean Free Trade deal:

This I mentioned before and now it is in motion.  But, these things take time for the impacts to hit our economy.  The other blocked trade deals were the South American trade agreements and some others.  I will repost my blog post.

Also - Republicans blocked this  That the people in charge of estimating impacts stated would have created about 3.7 million jobs.  Republicans blocked this because that jobs story would have been the story in an election year.

In other words.  Republicans have been hoping and working for the failure of Obama, which is the failure of America.

Here is my full blog post on this issue, but I have been working hard to shorten the length of time it takes for me to communicate this message.  So, the link after this one - is a shorter sampling of some eye opening things.

This is my shortened post.  Not only is Romney praising all the main things that Obama has carried out in a few key videos.  But, I have videos of him proposing the exact same things.  So, you get to see him say it.
You don't need to take anyone else's word that Obama had some great ideas, they are hugely successful in other places, and Romney was one of the biggest praisers of the main actions of Barrack Obama.

So - Republicans think Romney is the best guy so far to lead their party and the nation.  And all that video above includes Romney praising Obama's main actions... like a testimonial - full on endorsement.

So, they think Romney is the best... and until Romney was running against Obama he thought Obama was pretty good.

I am trying to shape this into a message that people can understand quickly.
This is all my background research on the issue.

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