Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Romney Praising Obama

Summary:  Videos posted here.
Types:  1) Romney praising Obama
            2) Romney praising plans prior to Obama picking them up
            3) Romney's team member talking about creating the plan with Romney and then taking it national with Obama.  The team was the SAME.

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Here are a few videos of Romney praising Obama - for what Romney now attacks Obama on.
Fortunately - this is video of Romney.  Nobody is filtering it.  He is talking.

Romney praising Obama on health care.

Romney praising Obama on stimulus

Well those are two pieces of legislation that were very big changes - with a lot of spending to make them happen.  And Romney seemed to support them.

In fact - these were the BIGGEST spending items Obama had anything to do with.

Now watch this Fox News video where Romney says he never supported the Stimulus.

Do you see why I don't like this guy?

Here is Romney on his own giving his motivation for passing an individual mandate when he was governor, why it is important - and it is what Obama passed.  He also states that he believes it should be taken nationally.


Now - Romney was really very effective with his health care plan.  98% of people are covered and 3/4 of the people in Massachusetts love their plan.

States are supposed to be the laboratory of Democracy.

So - if we see something working really well - we should copy the parts that will work nationally.

Problem is... character.

He has been out attacking Obama ever since he found he would be running against him - for the very thing Romney created - passed - and was successful with.

Watch video of Romney explaining health care at the debates and compare it to what Obama believes.

Here is a video with an interview of a unique person.

He is the man who helped Romney write his plan... and then helped Obama take it national.

Why are the plans so close?

Same team.  Same guy.  Same everything.

Watch Romney running against it.


That is why Romney is a non-starter in my book.

Not because of any beliefs.

Or, abilities.

He probably would do Ok.


And why would we want Romney when Obama took the best parts of... what Romney would do?

Now take this video.  Obama was able to get the main people who passed Romney's and Obama's law to talk about their feelings on the matter.  This video is stunning. http://youtu.be/WxZK0spa1yI

While in America - Republicans have spent their existence attacking Obama since the start of his primary win all the way until now when Republicans attack every single move of the President.

What happens is, the time and resources of the leader of the free world are spent, over the span of four years, to some degree defending himself, or with attention on how to keep approval ratings from collapsing while Piranhas are eating away at him from every angle.

No respect by the opponents for the Office of the President, which is of even greater importance than the person in the role.

Here is what the President of either party.  The one in office.  Would have to contend with in just one place.
This is what is happening to people in Syria.  The President will be at the helm of decisions on serious issues... while attacked for everything at home.  http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/world/2012/03/13/pkg-damon-syria-torture-technique.cnn

It is easy for people to attack while running for office.  They are not in the job.
Obama, in the job is dealing with the realities of being President.

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