Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Real Debate

If you think I don't like the way the debates are held because it brings out mostly false information and doesn't get into any of the issues.

You would be correct.

Contrast with two other debate formats.

The parliament in Great Britain when the Prime Ministers questions are taken.
 - Very factual, on topic, deep into the issues, and at the same time entertaining.

This is not all talking points.  This is the facts that they bring to the table and challenge each other with.

Not only is this good for facts, but the pace creates for some hilarious moments.
Watch when the rapid pace makes things go wrong.

You can tell it is real because it just doesn't go perfectly.  It is not all polled, scripted, rehearsed ad nauseum.

Politics is both real in this case, but also entertaining.
A few things are actual free speech and real feelings occurring.  Which is why it is so funny.

On a more serious note, here is a great woman Prime Minister challenging all the other leaders in the pit.

You can search youtube now for all sorts of links because there are many.

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