Friday, January 6, 2012

It Sounds Healthy!

It Sounds Healthy, but You Have To Ask
When you see a fruit smoothie advertised at a booth in the mall.  Stop.  
Are you seeing reality... or the appeal of fruit and the thought of health - being used for marketing.

What do I mean by this?
I almost bought a "fruit" smoothie the other day.  And I asked the man if there was any fruit in the strawberry kiwi smoothie.  He quickly said, "no." 

So wait a minute.  Do we want to buy something because it tastes like kiwi.  Or, do we want to buy something for the health benefits. 

I am going to look for the chemical compound that is created in a lab to generate kiwi flavor and post it later.  If you find it first.  Post in comments please.  

Here is a sample of all sorts of Kiwi flavored things.
Looks like kiwi.  The photos are of kiwis... but, doesn't it say kiwi flavor?  Not... kiwi?
Here is a really interesting twist.  For fake electronic cigarettes to help you be more healthy by quitting smoking... you can get fake kiwi flavor.

Here is the chemical yellow pages.  You can order all sorts of fruit flavored chemicals by part number.
Hmmmm... why aren't Americans all healthy?

Here is an article on the health benefits of Wasabi.  The benefits are followed by a statement that in America they use green food coloring on horse-raddish... what???

Fooled again!

But, next time you see something that you think might be healthy stop.  Think for a moment.  Then ask.  Is that really made of what should be healthy? 

Feb 22nd 2012: Boston Market smoothies are apparently made of real fruit.  Can't promise it is healthy, but calories are low too.

Other examples:
Salads.  First off, don't go with non-fat dressing they are all awful.  You should enjoy your salad.  
Get the regular dressing.  However, make a choice after that.  

Get the dressing on the side and use about 1/3rd of what they give you.  

When I worked salads in a restaurant during high school I learned that some servings of dressing have 32grams of fat.  A huge portion of your entire day's fat, while you are trying to be healthy. 

So when you see a salad.  Go for the best dressing you can find.  Then use 1/3rd of it and you will be much healthier.

The first bite is the one your tongue can sense the most.  So, early on in your salad get a bite with a lot of dressing and then it will all taste like the dressing.

So the illusion is that the salad you bought to be healthy is healthy.  The reality is, you need to manage this closer because they have counteracted your best and healthiest intentions.  

Fat free items
I am working on understanding this more deeply.  But, from what I have learned.  When the fat free revolution took place that is when we all began to get much fatter.  

First, I am skinny as a rail and I eat all the fat I can find everywhere.  
Yes, I am intensely active and can burn things off... but, what is happening here?
Why when everyone was not concerned with the fat content of the food - early 1970's was everyone thinner?  

From my understanding insulin plays a large role in food being converted to fat in the body.  I use that loosely because it is particular forms of sugars that are involved...etc. 
The biggest problem is eating between meals.  That causes an insulin spike when it needs to be moderating.
During that spike between meals you get your food sticking to your body as fat.

But, what if you are eating a regular meal... and your fat free item replaces the fat with something else? 
Like for example, sugar? 

Well, fat is the flavor.  So, to improve the flavor after taking out the fat... salt... maybe some other chemicals manufactured to taste like something... and sugar are the options for replacing flavor.

The sugars will spike your insulin.  Engaging the mechanism for storing energy as fat.

So less fat in the food.  More fat sticking to your body... huh?

Confusing as hell eh?  

How many people have it right.  Look around and see who has a belly and watch their choices.  


Benjamin Corey Feinblum
Here is a list of some of the most unhealthy!

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