Sunday, January 8, 2012

Global Climate Change

At a show, I just spoke to two PHD level NASA climate scientists.  One was mentored directly through his PHD program by the man supplying the main data against climate change.  Both are still close.  The man stated that the data against climate change cannot be shown.  The source can not be given.  And it comes from such an obscure location that apparently it is unavailable to even top NASA scientists.

NASA climate scientists are in 100% agreement on global climate change because they have tremendous data, over time, from temperature imaging.  Not even individual data points.  In the way that an infra-red camera can see temperature through walls, or night vision goggles can see at night - NASA can look at temperature (and X-rays, Gamma rays...etc).

Here is the data between 2001 and 2011.  In the context of the period of time between 1950 and 1980 where temperature changed .6 degrees.

Here is a video of NASA data on ice retreating in Greenland.  Look on a map for the location of Greenland.  You will see it is in a zone where temperature went up 4 degrees.

Note the areas over Russia where temperature over the last decade increased by 4 degrees.
2011 and 2010 looked about the same for Russia during the summers.  The most extreme heat wave in over 1000 years.

Russia, previously a climate change skeptic (who happens to have massive amounts of oil they want to make money from) has now leapt to a leadership role in changing their impact on the environment and persuading others to work to prevent climate change.

Here is a Discovery News story.  Look at the satellite images of the smoke.  Watch the video in full screen and see if you can get a feel for why they might have changed their tune.

You can search the temperature imaging data here by setting your own conditions/data criteria.

The environmental protection agency has this tool for you to calculate your own emissions and ideas for things you can adjust.

For a complete set of all the data GISS puts out go here.

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