Sunday, April 15, 2012

Post talking points society

How could we end the talking points?

Well - the approach of trying to oppose them head-to-head is not working.

It escalates into an argument.

What if we just said.  Oh - I read the talking points memo today too!

We're all supposed to say - X did this.  Y did this... point fingers and say them in very concise phrases all together so that everyone jumps on the bandwagon.

Go ahead - I read the talking points memo that was released... but, I'd love to hear your personal best delivery of them.  Someone had faith in your abilities when they sent you out here!

Aka - to stop talking points - call them out - offer to deliver them for people.  And then if they say them say it back - oh there's a talking point - you'll see people on every network saying the same thing today.

Now - what do you actually believe because the facts show X  - Y - Z... so maybe everyone walking around with today's talking points is simply lying.

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