Monday, April 9, 2012

Gas Prices: Why not shift to US made natural gas?

Reality Check:  Converting cars to natural gas should be inexpensive and easy.

I found a story on this that may point to a solution.

Here is a quote.

“For an individual (or shop) to be licensed to do a conversion, the person must pay $10,000 per year, per engine type, per year of manufacture. So that if a conversion shop wanted to do conversions in 2009 for Camrys for the years 1995 to 2005, the shop owner would have to pay the government $100,000 in licensing fees. “
“Then, if he wanted to do conversions on the same models in 2010, he would have to pay the $100,000 again, even though they are the exact same models and engines that he has been licensed on already. And if there is more than one engine involved, i.e., a 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder, the cost would double.”
“Therefore, if a shop owner wanted to do 10 model years of Camrys and Corollas and Celicas, and well as Honda Accords and Civics, unless there were common engines being used in these five models the licensing cost (for just one engine per) would be a half million dollars, which would have to be paid again in 2010.

Here is the article I found on this. 

This seems to be the website of the organization that revealed the research.

I did call the White House today and received an immediate answer on the phone. 
The woman recorded everything that I found.

I stated that this had the smell of Oil Company lobbyists all over it.  If this fact was true and Obama fixed it, it would change the nature of automobile energy usage in this country.  On gas prices he would then have the winning argument hands down.  

She handed it to their energy team.  She stated they will research what the regulation is and if they find this report to be true - it will be on the President's desk this afternoon. 

Here is how to call the White House.  

The phone did not even get through a full ring before it was answered.  

Ps.  If I see things start to happen with this issue.  I will be adding to this article :) 
When I have spoken to congressmen in the past - I have seen things move.

Further research:
Here is the EPA page on Alternative Fuel Conversion:

Here is an EPA act that touches on related issues - under the Obama administration.

Here is a little bit about conversion kits and more...

Here is another article that makes a similar claim and uses the same information regarding EPA costs for auto shops to be able to convert to natural gas.

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