Sunday, November 13, 2011

Corporate Tax Rate

While we all would wish that corporate taxes would be lower.  Personal taxes would be lower.  And perhaps... everything was free...

Does that really fix things today?

At this moment in time, corporate balance sheets hold more cash than at any time in history.

I believe the cash on the balance sheets is on the order of two trillion dollars.

Cutting taxes leaves more cash on the balance sheets, but I don't really think that is the core of the problem.

If it were... wouldn't corporations... not have extraordinary surpluses of cash?

I believe that the political uncertainty caused by the extremes of each party, particularly the tea party, considering compromise and cooperation a dirty word - even in the face of extraordinary nation imperiling realities - scares the individuals away from spending and corporations away from investing.

Yes.  While a bunch of idiots in Congress cause hundreds of billions of losses to the wealthiest Americans by the way the stock market drops when they refuse to compromise... isn't it great that they have prevented the return of tax rates to their historical levels for the wealthiest Americans?

They cost those wealthiest Americans a tremendous amount of money that just evaporated in the stock market and was not put to any good use.

It seems ideology trumps common sense.  Or, the reality of the economic consequences of one's actions.

My proposal to begin healing the economy - Compromise and Cooperation.

Start there.

Also, if the Republicans actually intended to heal the economy, that would help.

The intend to keep the struggle alive for people until Obama is booted for not improving the economy.

There is plenty of evidence - particularly - the Jobs Bill that is full of tax cuts that Republicans vehemently oppose.

Look - I'm not saying when Democrats were in charge they were any good at running the house.

I'm saying, today, I like their policies.

And today, I dislike the extremism, unwillingness to compromise, and the character demonstrated by working as intensely as possible to undermine the President of the United States.


Benjamin Corey Feinblum

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