Saturday, November 6, 2010

News media helping the terrorists

Watch this.

This is the news media telling Al Qaeda who they need to slaughter that was ratting on them.  Maybe, they won't stop at him and will slaughter his entire family.

Next, Al Qaeda training manuals will be written to condition extremists that the evil government will try to reprogram you.  They are just taking away your holy right to Jihad and the rewards of your marterdom.
(The government in the Middle East reprogrammed this man and returned him to society.  Al Qaeda now knows it has to counter this with their training.)

There are a few examples of what this news story does:

Yay News Media!  Lets fight for the terrorists and get our allies killed!
(Next, Al Qaeda will begin to spread threats to anyone who tips off Americans and they will demonstrate what will happen to those who do, as a deterant.)

1 comment:

  1. The terrorists get to see their power through video like this:

    This is what they live for. One small action and millions of people who want to fly places are impacted.

    And they get to laugh at it on TV.